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  Terravault I & Terravault II Series is the strongest product available in the market. Structural Cell for Active Root Management in  an urban environment. 
Terravault I Terravault II


Rainsmart Solutions Pty Ltd is a unique company which provides complete Engineered Environmental Product & Solutions in the field of Geo-synthetic, Stormwater Management, and Green roofs from design to install assistance.


Rainsmart manufactures its own range of High Quality, High Strength 30mm Nero Drainage Cell, Ellipse tank Modules, Nero Pave Permeable Paving, Green Wall systems from selected industrial recycled PP to the highest industry standards.


Rainsmart Solutions is a young dynamic company with vast team experience. The team has a combined experience of well over 50 years in Stormwater Management and Geo-synthetics. The team comprises of professionals from Engineering and Environmental fields providing a creative and holistic approach to Urban Development in an Environmentally Sustainable Manner. We offer a comprehensive range of engineered eco-friendly products and technical skills to ensure successful application of our products.


Since commencing business Rainsmart Solutions Pty Ltd. has expanded rapidly to become a leading designer and distributor of innovative landscape & Stormwater engineering products and applications.


Our product range covers 50mm Grass & Gravel Nero Pavers for permeable Carpark and traffic surface, 30mm Nero Drainage Cell for subsurface Drainage & irrigation for roof & podium gardens, sub-soil Ellipse Modular drainage tank modules for underground Retention, Infiltration and Stormwater Detention tanks,


We distribute our entire product range throughout Australia, Asia, Middle East, Europe, & North America and also service many other international markets.


Rainsmart Solutions Pty Ltd. has the support of professionals, dedicated and technically skilled distributor and agent network worldwide that works closely with specifiers and end-users to provide safe, sustainable, cost effective solutions to the construction, engineering and landscape industries.


Our track record is strong, and proven in designing and implementing some of the most complex and unique environmentally friendly projects. Please refer to some of our high profile projects in our Recent Projects Section of this website


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