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Leach Drain & Septic System:

Rainsmart tank modules are lightweight and high strength, polypropylene tank with 95% void space. Tank modules are assembled on site and easily positioned in the excavated trench to form a continuous channel. Inlet pipe is connected from the top of the tank prior to wrapping in hydronet woven Geotextile on the top sides and ends. The full structure is then backfilled clean sand or gravel.

Rainsmart septic system are 3 times more efficient in leaching, as compared to traditional gravel systems and don’t have any traditional clogging issues with gravel & arched systems.

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  • Modular structure to create any shape any size.
  • Approved by local Authorities
  • Easy to transport (supplied in Kit form)
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Lightweight and no heavy machinery required.
  • High void space
  • Structurally strong for occasional traffic loads
  • Environmentally friendly made from recycled material

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leachdrainaa.png - large

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