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Podium & Planter Boxes:

Podium Garden Drainage:

An intensive roof garden includes planting of small to medium shrubs, grassed areas and occasional trees. They can cover the entire area at the same level or be stepped up to from islands. Intensive roof planting projects need a lot of water supply, 30mm thick Nero Drainage cell offers a perfect drainage solution. Its high load bearing capacity and water retention properties help designers to choose from a wide verity of plant species which adds life & colour to the garden.

The concrete slab must have sufficient load bearing strength to support the soil depth required. 30mm Nero Drainage cell are extremely light weight, approximately 3.5 kg/m2 compared with 250Kg/sqm of gravel draining material, the low weight is an obvious advantage.

During heavy rainfall periods Podium & Roof gardens must be able to infiltrate water quickly, and transport it to the drainage outlet hence the horizontal water draining capacity is extremely important. 30mm Nero Drainage Cell creates a perfect void for draining access water, as there is no obstruction to the horizontal flow of water within the cell structure.

Furthermore, in certain dry periods the 30mm Nero Drainage Cell layer has cups for which can be used as a water reservoir for the plants, providing passive irrigation.



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Planter Box Drainage:

Rainsmart 30mm Nero Drainage Cell is an ideal light weight Drainage product for Planter Boxes. Its ability to remove only access water, and its ability to create a perch water table for the root zone, enhances plant growth and Green foliage.

The 30mm Nero Cell when used vertically on the plater box walls allows the heat from concrete to escape, and reduces the chances of heat induced cracking in the waterproofing layer.

30mm Nero Drainage Cell also acts as an air gap and provides an insulation effect.


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