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Terravault Structural Soil Cells

Terravault -I Structural Soil Cells

Terravault -II Structural Soil Cells

  *Deeper Modules available, please refer to data sheet & specifications.


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Product Features:

TerraVault I & II Modules are modular units that assemble to form a skeletal matrix that supports relevant pavement loads while providing large volumes of un-compacted soil within the structure for free root growth.

The open, skeletal matrix provides a maximum growth zone for tree roots. More than 95% of the Internal Void volume is available for un-compacted soil and root growth.

Traditionally rock and soil mix use to provide support for pavement, while permitting some root growth within the pavement. TerraVault I & II System have moved this principle forwarded by entirely replacing the rock (80% of the total volume), the engineered modules provide the structural strength for pavement loads whilst providing free un-compacted soil for root zone  to grown and trees to flurish in an urban environment.

System Benefits:

  • Heavy Load bearing capacity.

TerraVault Modules have a high load bearing capacity of up to 65 t/sqm. UNCONFINED

  • Uniform Load bearing Capacity

Each unit is self-supported and is a load bearing structure, unlike other products which use spacers.

  • Modular Structure provides Design Flexibility

Modular Nature of the system helps designers to create any shape, any size and fits tight spot.

  • Use Strength with Flexibility.

Reduce or Increase the number of internal support plates to use achieves Required load rating whilst keep costs low.

  • High Internal Void Ratio.

 TerraVault Modules have 95% internal void Ratio, meaning more space for un-compacted soil and roots and water management. Allowing heathy root and plant growth.

  • High Surface void Ratio.

Up to 95% surface void ratio providing free un-obstructed root growth and movement in the un-compacted soils.

  • Quick & Lightweight Easy to install.

TerraVault Modules are light weight and easy to install by unskilled labor, without the need of any heavy Machinery 

  • Available in Kit form.

Supplied in kit form its easy delivery and handling and reduces transport costs.

  • Easy to Infill and Top Up.

Unlike other systems, this is a single component module which is easy to infill and lock in place. Reduces installation time and costs.

  • Environmentally Friendly.

Made from Recycled Polypropylene the Terra Vault Modules are Green label Certified.

  • High Lateral load Capacity

The TerraVault Modules have a high lateral load carrying capacity of > 7.5 t/sqm.  Internal plate layout ensures uniform load distribution and load capacity.  Lateral forces must also be considered for engineering design of tree pits, when in proximity of traffic areas.

  • Interlocks

TerraVault units lock together vertically and laterally if required to form a single structure with excellent modular strength, both vertically and laterally.

  • Enhances and Recycles Stormwater.

There are many WSUD methodologies to capture and utilize valuable rainfall using the TerraVault system and other Rainsmart product range to enhance growth of trees in an Urban Environment.



TerraVault- II Module Dimensions:
Module (Unit) Width (mm) Width (inches) Length (mm) Length (inches) Height (mm) Height (inches)
Single (1) 600 23.62 600 23.62 360 14.72
Double (2) 600 23.62 600 23.62 690 27.16
Triple (3) 600 23.62 600 23.62 1020 40.15


Soil Storage Volume:
Module (Unit) Module Volume (L) Module Volume (cf) Module Volume (gal)

Soil Storage Volume (l)  

Soil Storage Volume (cf) Soil Storage Volume (gal)
Single (1) 129.6 4.57 34.23 123.12 4.35 32.52
Double (2) 248.4 8.77 65.62 235.98 8.33 62.34
Triple (3) 367.2 12.96 97 348.84 12.31 92.15


Item Description Value Unit
Void Area: Area available for uncompacted soil storage vrs that made up of plastic > 95 %
Surface Void Area: Open area where roots may grow in or out of the units > 95 %
Rib Thickness: Minimum thickness of the load bearing members to full depth of the plate 4.3-4.4  mm (inches)
(0.16 -0.17)
Product Plate Details: The Soil module must be of a vertical coulomb supports for maximum load bearing ** **
Product Weight Details: Each single module must have a minimum of 7.00 Kgs or raw material weight, as light weight products are not suitable to handle constant Dead weight load over a period of time. ** **
Product Structural Design: Structural Design shall be based on sound structural calculations and must be designed as structural components, using structural design theory in accordance with CIRIA C680 Report. Material Factor of Safety to be used as 2.75. All calculations shall be submitted to engineer for approval prior to any works commencing. ** **
Service Temperature: Operating temperature where the units can be expected to perform adequately .-10 to 50°C  °C
(-14 to 122°F) (°F)
Recycled Content: 85% Selected Recycled Polypropylene + 15% proprietary mix 85% + 15% %
Biological & Chemical Resistance:  Unaffected by moulds, algae, Soil Bourne Chemical, bacteria and bitumen, polypropylene is very inert ** **
Ultimate unconfined, unfilled VERTICAL Crush Strength Using a full -size plate that completely covers the top of the unit determines the pressure required to crush the entire unit 65 ton/sqm (PSI)
Ultimate unconfined Lateral Load Crush Strength on side Using a full -size plate that completely covers the top of the unit determines the pressure required to crush the entire unit 7.5 ton/sqm (PSI)
Short Term Deflection Vertical Deflection 42.00kN/ m2 Per mm
Lateral Deflection 2.8kN/m2 Per mm
Long Term Deflection Estimated long term deflection (vertical creep) projected 50 yrs ** 1.08% 95Kn/m2
applied test load of 95 kN / m2 3.88mm
Estimated long term deflection (lateral creep) projected 50 yrs ** applied test load of 15 kN/m2 1.41% 15kN/m2
  • Streetscaping.

  • Car park application.

  • Plaza Paving application.